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Helping hand india NGO

Helping hand india NGO is an Indian not-for-profit organization working for Women Education through different programs. We are a non-denominational, non-political organization and it has been working in India for over a decade, focusing on child education and specially empowerment of women and girls for their basic education and technical/vocational education, so that they can stand themselves. We believe that we all need to come together to control & stop violence against Women and Children in India will be most important step. As we know if women equipped with the proper resources, they can help their whole families and entire communities to overcome poverty, marginalization and social injustice. We do this through well planned Techie girls and comprehensive programs in our different kind of visions like Basic education, Protection, Proper healthcare, Healthy environment for their better livelihoods. We want to see our Country in Top of the world where every child gets an education, every youth an opportunity to succeed, and every woman the right to equality. Helping hand india NGO try best to empower underprivileged children, youth and women through relevant education, innovative healthcare and livelihood programmes. It is our constant Endeavour to reach out needy children and not only to provide them with a loving home but also good quality education that enables them to become educate & contributing members of the society. We always dreams a society based on legitimate rights, equity, justice, honesty, social sensitivity and a culture of service in which all are self-reliant. Our main goal is the empowerment of women and girls for betterment and takes out them from poverty, discriminations and violations.


Social services and work for humanities has been started in house by our guardians honorable Lt. Sital Dass and Lt. Gurmukh Dass since 1940. They were also involved in the movement which was accompanied by The Father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi through a mass protest on non-violent lines. They taught to support people with our helping hand in all manner like Education, underprivileged children, Senior Citizen, Handicap, Health and Community Development with a passion for humanity and Imagine a world in which children are free from poverty, live in happiness and have open access to adequate education. The initial programs those days included assistance to educational camps, relief camps and medical support. With this aim we are running some grass root programs and we will continue to launch new and innovative ways to follow our mission with the help our local resources. The initiative has begun and working collaboratively with local communities and looking also for international humanitarian agencies for their helping hand. We strive to further our ability to help children all across the world with education, and hope with increased funding the initiative will eventually expand towards our respective cause.


Children are the future of every nation. The vision and mission of Helping hand india NGO is towards our goal of overcoming poverty, and ensuring a life of dignity and security for the marginalized populations. In association with local Mandirs, Masjids, Gurudwaras, churches and ngos, Our teams serves the poor with practical programs that meet needs for shelter, food, clothing, clean water, education, medical care, sustainability, friendship, encouragement and hope. We are going to setup soon for old age home. This “home away from home” would enable the orphans and widows/aged persons to lead a self reliant, dignified and secure life free from the hassles. We respond to all with an authentic desire to see emotional, economic and spiritual transformation. We want to see our Country in Top of the world where every child gets an education, every youth an opportunity to succeed, and every woman the right to equality. Helping hand india NGO try best to empower underprivileged children, youth and women through relevant education, innovative healthcare and livelihood programmes. We saw in rural areas, the greatest need is felt among orphans, widows, refugees, the unemployed and working poor, and those who are marginalized or oppressed. The world passed the seven billion population mark in October 2011 and it is growing very fast. Each year millions more children are living in families that lack suitable parental care. The importance of strengthening families and communities to protect and take care of children is strongly advocated as families are the first line of defense for children so that they can exit from generational poverty. We aim to build more relationships with friends who can support us to sustain a long-term to childcare. We still have miles to go in our efforts to serve and willing to do hard work and sleepless efforts. We invite you to join us as we serve joyfully in obedience to God, strengthened by those who stand beside us and encouraged in help and support.


Helping hand india NGO is managed by a Board of Trustees and Advisors comprising individual’s expertise from diverse backgrounds. Members of board having meet every quarterly. The board is formed for a period of one year.

  • Ms. Komal

    Board President & Trustee

    As women, we must stand up for ourselves. We must stand up for each other. We must stand up for justice for all. Founder & strong dedication towards Humanity(Social Activist) Post Graduate

  • Mr. Anil Kumar

    General Secretary & Trustee

    A skilled organizer with acknowledged strategy, Founder and Information Technology experience of over 16 years with added responsibilities of the organizing Blood Donation Camp and other Planning functions, seasoned writer. ( MBA, Ph.D persuing )

  • Ms. Neelu

    Treasurer & Trustee

    Neelu is A highly Finance professional and having special leadership skills, Treasurer since May 2015. (Social Activist) Post Graduate.

  • Lt. Sital Dass (Freedom Fighter)

    (Senior Adviser)

    Social services and work for humanities has been started in house by our guardians honorable Lt. Sital Dass Ji since 1940. They were also involved in the movement which was accompanied by The Father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi through a mass protest on non-violent lines.

  • Radha Devi

    (Social Activist)

    Radha Devi had very vast knowledge and well experience to working with women education and unity of society. She also associated with many non profit organizations and involved on education, healthcare and livelihood directions.

  • Sh. Gurmukh Dass

    (Director Adviser)

    Late Sh. Gurmukh Dass was specializes in Strategic Management, Consulting and Entrepreneurship Development. He was having multidimensional exposure to spread across various sectors in India and abroad. He had been associated with various charitable organizations and social causes and bridging the gap or disparity in the society through various initiatives on education, healthcare, livelihood and capacity building.

  • Mrs. Ganga Devi

    (Social Activist)

    She believes that every single person has limitless potential and she hopes that her working association with us will help to children realize their potential and improvements.

  • Mr. Naveen Kumar

    (Manager Volunteer)

    Naveen joined us in 2016 with a background of 13 years of grassroots experiences. Naveen was soon given charge of heading Development Support in the Metro region. The unit has grown and achieved many milestones under his efficient leadership with added responsibilities of Planning functions.

  • Ms. Nooriebala

    (Manager Volunteer (Asst.)

    Nooriebala is A professional managing as assistance in volunteer managing department and having special leadership skills, (Social Activist) Post Graduate.

  • Mr. Sachin Kumar

    ( Govt. Employee/Volunteer )

    Sachin is passionate about child rights and is a development professional with 8 years of experience in grass root level program on child rights. A post graduate degree holder in Mechanical Engineering

  • Mrs. Meenu Dhanwani

    (Financial Adviser)

    With over 10 years of experience for social worker in the field of child rights and women improvements, Meenu Dhanwani joined us in 2015 also involved finance management. Post Graduate. She working with various initiatives on education, healthcare and livelihood

  • Mrs. Sunita Israni


    Sunita working as teacher, Graduate and completed her B.Ed . Her enthusiastic attitude for support children in education especially girl child education is appreciated. We have grown and achieved many milestones under her efficient leadership and passion towards the cause of children.

  • Mrs. Anita


    Post Graduate in Computer Sciences and good experience as social services specially Women Empowerment, She worked for several years in the market research industry and has been working as Academic Lecturer. She working with various initiatives on education, healthcare and livelihood.

  • Ms. Isha


    A skilled writer and organizer, currently involved in managing rural area camps and organizing medical camps.


Helping hand india NGO is always involve in growth and up gradation of needy people specially rural women and trying to make them producers of many day to day required things and It gives us immense pleasure to announce for initiative own productions for various products. We are also looking association with other NGOs to come for their own production in different kind of Spices / papad and Handicrafts & Handlooms and enabling underprivileged women community and craft clusters by providing sustainable employment opportunities. As you know some small communities are continuously playing a vital role in the development of Indian handicrafts society and few of them are doing extensive grassroots connection and involvement in various handicrafts manufacturing form various villages from all over the India. This sector is decentralized and highly labor intensive. It is spread all over the country in rural and urban areas and substantially supports weaker sections of the society including women, SC/STs and minorities. However, these communities are also often affected by issues of substance abuse, petty crime, gender inequality, malnutrition and lack of sanitation. We find many of these problems can be solved by empowering mothers to to be economically independent and educating children and youth. We need some more time in this field to establish collaborations with appropriate groups.


What is NGO

A non-governmental organization (NGO) is basically a legally constituted organization which is operated by legal persons who work as independent team with the help of donation.

How does Helping hand india NGO make a difference?

Helping Hand India Ngo aims at providing quality education to poor children. We are giving always active support for child development over a long period of time aims to improve the healthy development of children through preschool care and development, primary and secondary education, to an adulthood in which they can be valuable and productive members of their community. The projects/services we identified based on their innovativeness and capacity to change children’s lives through involvement of the community members as well as the children themselves However, apart from this, HHIN runs many parallel projects such as providing play school facility in slums, promoting environment awareness, organizing health camps, providing training and employment to men and women, helping old and destitute people, and providing remedial classes to children studying in government school. HHIN works to overcome the barriers that prevent children from breaking out of the poverty cycle and we ensure that children play an active role in their own growth.

How can I contribute to this organization?

You can contribute by sponsoring a child, by making general donation, by convincing your friends, company or other companies to provide corporate funding to HHIN. You can join us and provide voluntary services and there is no specific amount that should be donated. However all the programs have a detailed breakup of the expenditure.

What will HHIN do with my Donation?

We ensure that contribution made by people is used in the best possible manner. We use people’s donations in providing stationery, mid-day meals and books to children. We also use these donations in extending our support to more children by increasing the number of enrollments and by opening centers in other areas. HHIN runs various programs to work with children in difficult circumstances. These programs essentially focus on education, health care, nutrition and shelter. We also enroll children in child media programs and ensure their participation in the innovative programs to empower them so that they can voice their opinions.

Is the website safe to make online payments?

Yes, the website is safe for any kind of transaction. Also any information exchange is kept safe and in no condition gets disclosed. Also the payment gateway is a third party payment gateway recognized by the financial institutions under the government of India. So any transaction also is thoroughly secured.

Can I meet the sponsored child and get to know about his/her progress?

Yes, you can meet the sponsored child. Usually HHIN follows strict guidelines on child protection. Since we work with children in difficult circumstances and in some cases it becomes tough for children and we would not like reveal the identity of the child to you. You may visit one of our programs on a schedule donor visit. Also We can inform you about child’s progress from time to time through our website, emails and SMSs.

Do I get tax benefits on donations made to the organization?

All donations made to the organization are exempted U/s 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961. The NGO will provide a receipt to the donor.

Do you share donor’s information with other organizations?

No, we do not share donor’s information with any other organization under our privacy policy.

Do you accept donations in form of books/ gadgets / furniture?

Yes, We do accept donations in kinds like books, computers and food supplies.

How long do I have to sponsor the child I am sponsoring?

It depends on you whether you wish to sponsor the child for a month, for a year, for 2-3 years, for 5 years or till the sponsored child finishes his/her education.

Do you provide education to physically challenged children?

Yes, we believe and follow the principle of inclusive education. We do provide education to physically challenged children.

How do I ensure that my donation for the NGO is utilized properly?

HHIN is very transparent on its costs. To assure complete transparency to our donors/stakeholders you are free to check our accounts and/or visit programs. Accounts and programs are audited regularly and strict guidelines on finances are maintained as per Government guidelines.

What information is sent to the donor and how soon we will received tax receipt?

The donor gets an instant acknowledgement mail along with an SMS. On receiving the reconciliation statement from the bank, a receipt is sent via e-mail immediately. We send communication material every quarter to the donors, providing updates on program activities and sharing success stories from HHIN’s work supported by your donations. The donor receives a birthday wish, wishes on important festivals, program updates and an annual impact report during a year’s time.

How you maintain the process of keeping the donor’s information safe?

As a credible organization, we honour the privacy of our donors. The donor data is not exposed or shared with any external agency under any circumstances. We have a robust in-house mechanism and server system where the records are kept safe. The entire setup is protected and monitored by surveillance system and management.

Is it possible for a consistent supporter to meet the beneficiary personally?

While you can visit the school where the children you support are studying we do not encourage donors to directly meet the beneficiaries.

Is my donation tax-exempt?

Yes, all contributions to HHIN are eligible for 50% tax exemption under Section 80(G) of the Income Tax Act. HHIN next try to acquire 35 AC accreditation.

What is 35 AC?

The Income Tax Act of 1961 includes certain provisions which offer a 100% Tax Exemption as a tax benefit, to the Donors who contribute money to the NGO. Unlike the certificate granted for Section 80G, the certificate granted for 35AC is provided to any organization as a whole, but only to eligible and approved projects.

How do NGO’s in India obtain 35 AC accreditation?

The Government of India approves certain NGOs and notifies them as eligible for project or schemes for the purposes of section 35AC. The Central Government has constituted a National Committee to identify projects and schemes to be notified under section 35AC, such committee normally consists of eminent persons. All Indian NGOs are entitled to apply to the National Committee to get its projects or schemes approved.