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Computer education and English language training can make a big difference to employment seeking girls and can grow their chances of finding dignified jobs. As we know that educating Girls is also important for the overall development of the society and country. Educated Girl develops several skills, information and Self-confidence which helps her in becoming a better parent and citizen and they can easily get healthier and happier life. We are passionate to help them with technical education so that they can help themselves, by giving them access to the tools and resources to live self-sufficiently. Techie Girls project is designed especially for enthusiastic girls, who have interest and want to become something in information technology fields and transform their lives. Techie Girls is part of a pilot initiative especially for girls from slums & villages, which was made to create and run different kind of computer related programs like Web designing / Accounts/database/ Microsoft word / Excel / Paint / Internet browsing etc. for girls. As we know if women equipped with the proper resources, they can help their whole families and entire communities to overcome poverty, marginalization and social injustice. We do this through well planned and comprehensive programs in our different kind of education curriculum for their better livelihoods. Our main goal is the empowerment of women and girls for betterment and takes out them from poverty, discriminations and violations. We recognize the crucial role of technical education for girls, not only in helping them to lead independent, self-determined lives, but also in breaking the cycle of poverty and securing better chances for their children. This Programme will support girls with useful, relevant and quality computer training and we believe that it will help them live a life of dignity and confidence and also overcome unemployment in our country.


Helping hand india NGO believes that education for girls and women is the single most effective way to improve the lives of individual families as well as to bring economic development to poor communities worldwide. Every human being needs oxygen to survive in the world. Education is as important as this because education gives people the knowledge and skills they require. Education is important to people of all ages and it has no limit. Children require education in order for them to learn how to speak and to write. Education is very important for every child whether boy or girl. It is sad that some communities still discriminate against the education of the girl child. We found that Women and girls in the developing world are often denied opportunities for education. Lack of education limits prospects, decreases family income, reduces health, puts women and girls at risk of trafficking and exploitation, and limits the economic advancement of entire community.


Vocational training is training for a specific career or trade, excluding the professions. Vocational training focuses on practical applications of skills learned, and is generally unconcerned with theory or traditional academic skills. Vocational education is education that prepares people to work in a trade, a craft, as a technician, or in professional vocations. In many cases, girls and women have been excluded from learning opportunities. Gender discrimination is far more important when it has to do with scientific and technical knowledge and skills that with any other field. The main target group of the vocational training is poor and out-of-school girls from rural and urban communities.


What is a sanitary pad?

A sanitary napkin, sanitary towel, sanitary pad, menstrual pad, or pad is an absorbent item worn by a woman while menstruating, recovering from vaginal surgery, for lochia (post-birth bleeding), after an abortion, or in any other situation where it is necessary to absorb a flow of blood from the vagina. Most of sanitary pads are disposable and are meant for single use only and some available with reusable sanitary pads, It comes in different shapes and sizes also.

We are going to start our campaign and need donation support from all Public, Corporate, individuals, Government and Educational Institutions for needy women to provide them free Sanitary Pads with awareness about using PADS and prevention from infections. Lack of menstrual hygiene management is a major reason for majority of the girls skipping schools during their periods and eventually dropping out at an early age and missing out on their education. Menstruation and menstrual hygiene related discussions are still not common in the Indian villages and across a large section of the urban society even now. Out of the 355 million reproductive age women and girls in India, only 12 percent use sanitary pads during their periods. The rest of them resort to old cloth pieces, husk, ash, dried leaves and grass or newspapers. Shocking! Isn’t it? More shocking is the fact that these unhygienic and unsanitary practices lead to a lot of infections such as fungal infections, urinary tract infection, cervical cancer etc. which can cause infertility and even death as per survey.

  • 87% girls using old clothes
  • 60% girls missed school on account of period
  • 44% girls felt embarrassed and humiliated over restrictions
  • 6% girls have never heard of sanitary napkins

Free sanitary napkins will be distributed to rural girls, new mothers and specially girls studying in government schools. As we all are aware that most poor or illiterate girls don’t know about PADS during her period days, So Under this campaign our volunteers will visit rural area/slum area/ Govt. School and villages for creating awareness among adolescent girls and women about the significance of using sanitary napkins.

Appeal for Support

Helping Hand India Ngo request and welcomes to all Public, Corporate, individuals, Government and Educational Institutions to join by contributing and participating in this noble cause. Please Contact.

Helping Hand India Ngo

Website : www.helpinghandindiango.org Email ID : office@helpinghandindiango.org


Helping hand india NGO involves also in Clean India Mission as we all know that a clean India will be a progressive and healthier India. For fulfilling the Gandhi Ji dream of clean India We trying to taking initiative with slum areas and we recognizes that the health, hygiene, nutrition, education, protection and social development of children are all connected and we want to involve in higher level in the cleanliness drive. We appeal to one and all to come forward and be a proud participant in this awareness cum cleanliness drive to make the environment and the areas clean so that our mission became a reality.

“A clean India would be the best tribute India could pay to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150 birth anniversary in 2019,” said Shri Narendra Modi as he launched the Swachh Bharat Mission at Rajpath in New Delhi. On 2nd October 2014, Swachh Bharat Mission was launched throughout length and breadth of the country as a national movement. The campaign aims to achieve the vision of a ‘Clean India’ by 2nd October 2019. The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is the most significant cleanliness campaign by the Government of India. While leading the mass movement for cleanliness, the Prime Minister exhorted people to fulfil Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of a clean and hygienic India.

We are working for our campaign and try to make awareness because People usually clean their own houses, but unfortunately they don’t care of the garbage lying outside their homes and on the streets. One of the purposes of this campaign is to motivate people to not only clean their houses, but also care for the cleanliness of their country. Our effort is to fulfill Gandhi Ji dream of clean India. We are not going to stop here and will carry forward it till we not fulfill the dream of clean India. The main aim of this campaign is to clean and spread the message of awareness in the slums and schools to aware our future generation and we sure that India too known as the cleanest country soon.


Helping hand india NGO has future plan to have own free medical services nursing home 24/7 for needy patients with the the provision of treatment and various checkups like high blood pressure test, glucose test, HIV test, eye test, treatment of malaria, hypertension and diabetes with the respective medical tests , So that poor people can take direct and instant benefit for medical service at zero cost. We need funding support and experiences Doctors/Nurces and Pharmacist to make success this mission. The hospitals will have separate female and male wards, pre- and post-operative units, an X-ray unit, an Ultrasonography unit, a modern laboratory, OPD consultation chambers, a pharmacy and other ancillary structures. We will undertake skill development for grass-root health workers and paramedical professionals and skill up-gradation for doctors and the managerial staff. Our vision is to open Clinic/Rehabilitation centers in other cities of the country, too. We want to expand our services to the remote and unreached areas of India.

Tele-health Initiatives

Helping hand india NGO is going to provide free tele-health services round the clock 24/7. We are working for various part of above project to make success. These help lines deploy state-of the art telecom and IT infrastructure to provide telephonic advice to the callers from various states across India. Highly qualified & trained healthcare professionals employed at the help lines provide. We will try to deliver best Tele-health services like Information on health issues, health services, products and details of diagnostic facilities and providers, Tele–counselling to the inbound callers regarding disease management processes, Referral to appropriate providers/ clinics in their towns and many more.

Few of the key highlights of Free Medical services. Eye Diseases Diagnostic & treatments.

Cataract, Diabetic Retinopathy, Trachoma,Macular degeneration, Glaucoma, Pterygium, Retinal Disorders

Dental Diseases Diagnostic & treatments.

Teeth whitening, Reliable Root canal treatment, Painless Extraction of tooth, All type of Dentures, Partial Dentures and RPD, Dental Braces, Invisible Dental Braces, Tooth Sensitivity, Tooth Pain, Bleeding Gum.

General Diseases Diagnostic & treatments.

Complete Hemogram (CBC), Thyroid Profile Test, Platelet Count, Blood Sugar Fasting, HbA1c (Glycosylated Hemoglobin), Urine Routine & Microscopy (Urine RM), TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone), Liver Function Test (LFT), Hemoglobin (Hb), NS1 Antigen (For Dengue), Lipid Profile, Vitamin D (25-OH), ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) BMI, TestCBC, TestBlood, Sugar, TestESR Blood, TestCholesterol, TestECG, TestTuberculosis, TestUrine, TestHbA1c, TestCortisol, TestSGPT, TestTMT, TestOsteoporosis, TestTB, TreatmentArthritis, TreatmentChicken, Pox, TreatmentVitamin D deficiency, TreatmentAutoimmune, DiseasesSkin, DiseasesImmune, system diseases,OsteoarthritisTest and many more.


Helping hand india NGO has future plan to have own 100 Intake Blind School. Helping hand india NGO is working for rehabilitation of blind, deaf & dumb and mentally retarted students since last 2 years by providing free education To educate, develop and rehabilitate blind students at par with sited students with a mission to remove complex in their mind that they are disabled persons and to make them enable to earn their livelihood in all spheres. We want to give them best available facilities & Braille techniques in the world in their overall development. This would be the only institute for girls with hostel facility in our area and school is up to senior secondary level for blind. All the teachers here whom are even blind also are well trained and highly qualified. The Students of the school will have all the facility at standard level in the field of various Education, Sports and Music & dancing classes.Our vision is to open Rehabilitation centers in other cities of the country, too. We want to expand our services to the remote and unreached areas of India.

Objectives and Future Plans
  • 1. Computer labs as per their requirment with appropriate softwares.
  • 2. Respective equipments and Labs for desired candidates.
  • 3. To provide education and training to blind, deaf and dumb, mentally retarted boys and girls for their Rehabilitation.
  • 4. To make available the facilities provided by the government to blind and deaf & dumb children.
  • 5. To upgrade Braille press, library and cassette library for the blind.
  • 6. To arrange for the treatment to those, whose eyes are worth for treatment and also to create awareness in this field.
  • 7. To arrange seminars and workshops on the problems of disabled persons and its solution thereof.
  • 8. To conduct special surveys on the blind persons and try to solve their problems with the help of Government and the society
  • 9. To establish them in self employment by giving vocational training.
  • 10. To undertake all those tasks which may be related with the development and growth of the blind & disabled persons.


A Home Away from Home.

Helping hand india NGO is proud to announce that we are planning our own Old Age Home for neglected destitute elderly persons of hundred inmates, where elderly people, Widows, Handicap and Orphans will be sheltered with sufficient space, homely atmosphere with medical & health care facilities including food/clothing. We will be able to run this old age home with generous contributions from individuals like you and corporate. As you know we are in initiate and with the existing resources it is very difficult to construct the Buildings and we appeal to corporate donors to sponsor for the Building Construction. The name of the Company with an Arch and Culvert can be fixed to dedicate the Building to the Donor. We envision a society where elderly have the Right to an active, healthy and dignified life. We are integrating our programs and services for better development and long term sustainability for seniors. We are contacting with Senior Citizen Associations and encouraging seniors to go ahead in this noble cause.

Aims and objectives of Helping hand india NGO for old age home
  • To establish our home inmates strength up to maximum strength, so that we can help more senior citizens.
  • To provide them their suitable part time work to earn and good time spend.
  • To establish and run educational institutions, hostels, libraries and old age homes for senior citizens.
  • To promote welfare programmers for women, children, orphans, aged, blind and handicapped persons.
  • To provide medical facilities & health care to the needy.
  • To provide nutritious food to the inmates of the center.
  • To provide them periodically outing as picnic.
  • To provide shelter & clothing for the residents of the old age home.


Our NGO is planning to work in close collaboration with nearest local health facilities forroutine diagnosis and treatments. Our healthcare initiatives aim to increase demand for and improve accessibility, availability and affordability of essential healthcare services. We believe that a healthy mother and a healthy baby is the route to a productive, developed nation. Hence, we have specially focused upon providing relevant solutions through our health camp. We work towards awareness program to people for the root causes of healthcare challenges, provide innovative solutions and quality healthcare services in India. We definitely need your helping hand to come ahead with us to overcome health problems and solutions in our surroundings.

Helping hand india NGO will provide regular primary health services to the rural poor population in the remote areas through Mobile Medical Units (MMUs) and through Mobile Medical Vans (MMVs). There are many areas where the health facilities such as Govt, medical Centers or private health care facilities are not adequately available. We will conduct medical camps in far-flung rural areas and urban slums to cater to health needs of the under-served populations. These camps are designed after a thorough assessment of the health needs of the potential beneficiaries and the existing health services in that particular area. Based on this, general or specialty camps are organized to provide preventive and curative services. We are going to design, operationalize and manage mobile medical units, especially in remote areas where access to health services is poor. We partner with local NGOs and the public health system to optimize the mobile medical services. We have planned to provide totally free medical services including diagnostic and medicine distribution will be provided to the beneficiaries by organizing health camps in far & remote areas of rural areas. We need your support to go ahead and expand our services to the remote and unreached areas of India.


Helping hand india NGO always believed that education is what makes us humans. Good education may not be sufficient but it is certainly necessary in turning individual into good, productive citizens. Education is the light which not only illuminates the body and soul of a human being but also the entire society and nation at large. It is education that gives a person the framework to judge right and wrong. Education is essential to the advancement of a society and Helping hand india NGO is dedicated to ensuring every child receives the education and they deserve. Studies show that a non-educated society is a society that breeds violence and intolerance.Our focus is explicitly on the well-being/education of poor women and girls including from tribal and Dalit communities which include programs for their education/health and self employment, so that they can live with dignity and security. We have started changing children’s lives with the launch of our ‘Education is Strength’ Initiative. The initiative aims will provide fees for poor students, their required school uniforms and textbooks for children in need. The program is a merit and financial need based scholarship program that ensures well deserving children are not limited in pursuing their dreams. If you have ideas/suggestion or questions regarding our local work and initiatives, please do not hesitate in contacting us. Helping hand india NGO is proud to announce that we are planning our own Public School to provide value-based education for comprehensive development of children with the all required facilites like,

  • * Residential facilities.
  • * Peridical medical test on regular basis.
  • * Quality education from LKG to class XII.
  • * Equipped with latest equipment and computer labs.
  • * Various vocational courses as per need for girls/boys students.
  • * Latest infrastructure and advance technology that provides a complete learning experience to students.
  • * Coaching classes for competitive entrance examinations like PMT & PET at the school campus.
  • * Other than that, we plan to start an independent Vocational Training Institute (for computer courses, candle making, embroidery, beauty courses, handicraft, gift and professional packing, etc.) for poor students to make them self employed.